10 Reasons, Why Choosing Canada to Immigrate.

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Canada is seen to be the most opted country to immigrate. People from all over the globe give first preference to Canada as it is the most immigrant friendly country, with a high ratio of the foreign born citizens. Canada holds the most top quality life in the world. The UN has even voted Canada as the best place to live, in terms of its standard of living.

Canada is also ranked the second best country in the whole world and is also a great place to be chosen for work and to live in. to settle down in Canada you first need to hold the PR (permanent residence) permission and beholding the PR status you can get the Canadian citizenship. To become a Canadian citizen one has to stay for three years in the country holding a PR status. There are enormous advantages to hold Canadian citizenship. Advantages listed after being a Canadian citizen are: ability to vote and run for political offices, get an access to the restricted jobs.

Canada holds a tiny population, due to which most of the cities are hundreds of kilometer apart from each other. Most positive immigration policies in the world are of Canada, because the government of Canada has decided to admit many thousands of immigrants each year.

Reasons to immigrate to Canada:

  1. Family migration: Canada provides you a successful migration with your full family. Dependents of the main applicant as their parents, children or spouse can also immigrate with the main applicant through dependent visa. While applying for PR, the application gets stronger if the visa is being applied for family. More points are scored and chances of passing of the application increases.
  • Medical facilities: There are many benefits for the Canadian citizen or those who holds the PR of Canada; they may apply for public health insurance. Benefit of that insurance is that the people do not have to pay for most of the health care services. The payment for the health care services is done by the government through the taxes. You just have to show your health service insurance to the medical clinic or any hospital to enjoy the benefits of the health insurance card.
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  • Education facilities: Canada is not having any federal department or any national system of education, the parents are responsible to check upon children and acknowledge their education.  This is the responsibility of the parents to check the status of their children in getting proper education. The provisional and the territorial government have set up their schools and they run their own school systems. They are all same across Canada but hold some differences in provisional and territorial education system.
  • Better job opportunities: Canada has a wide range of opportunities in career. Service sector, manufacturing, natural resources ,registered nurse, truck driver, business management consultant, welder, licensed practical nurse, occupational or physiotherapy assistant, software engineer or designer, industrial electrician, college or vocational instructor, aerospace engineer, aircraft pilot, pharmacist, psychologist, steamfitter or a pipefitter, construction estimator, veterinary technician or assistant, a dispensing optician- are few top listed and most demanding jobs in Canada. There is a wide range of jobs available that you have to search in public and private sector in Canada.
  • Get Canadian citizenship: When you get PR for Canada, you just need to spend the time period of three years staying in Canada and can become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. There are few criteria you need to match before applying for the citizenship of Canada. They are: you need to be a permanent resident of Canada, need to prove your language skills, needs to pass a test in which you will be judged that how much knowledge you holds of your rights and responsibilities for Canada, if you are eligible you need to file your taxes as well, also there may be few additional requirements which totally depends on the persons situation. After getting Canadian citizenship, one can also holds the citizenship of his native country, which means a person, can hold citizenship of two countries together- dual citizenship.
  • Open for start-up entrepreneurs: Canada is open for the start-up entrepreneur from all over the world. There are benefits on large scale to start-up a business in Canada. The economic growth is strong, taxes and business costs are low, you can find excellence in research and innovative ideas and also the top quality life of Canada provides a great success to the companies.
  • Multicultural country: Canada is a multicultural country, which gives right to practice religion, follow one’s own culture, and use any language of choice and also the freedom of communication. Including all this Canada also helps to provide excellent opportunities to trade and for personal growth. The government of Canada recognizes the value and dignity of all races and ethnic groups and became a multicultural society in 1971.
safe country
  • Safety and security: Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world. The police are trustworthy and the crime rate is low in Canada. The cops are easily contacted and they respond quickly to any situation.
social program
  • Social programs in Canada: Canadian government has set up few programs for the citizens that are designed to give them assistance outside whatever the market provides to them. Canadian government provides assistance in the healthcare program, educational program, housing, provides the unemployment benefits, support to those earning low income, to senior citizens, regional aids, welfare of children & families and also to the people with long term physical disabilities.
life style
  1. Canadian lifestyle: Canada is well known for its friendly nature, it is also a peace-loving and a secure place to live in. Canada gives most importance to the values of people, such as – pride, culture, beliefs, respect to all, their equality to everyone and diversity for all the individuals. Canada holds high standard in its lifestyle.
life style

These were only few reasons listed above as why choose Canada to immigrate. There are many more reasons that you can add to the above list. Canada is immigrant friendly and easy to move. Opportunities are high and benefits are extreme.

Would like to know more about Canada? So follow me and be updated with my new articles in which I would cover all the basic, major and minor details regarding immigration to Canada and all about Canada.


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