Know well before Canada immigration

Know well before Canada immigration

When immigrating to any other country, one always have a thought that will it be possible to adapt the culture and lifestyle of other country easily? As each country has a great difference from one another. What actually the country beholds for us? So we are curious and we should explore about the particular country that we are moving to.

We are today exploring Canada for you. You should have an idea and knowledge about the climatic conditions, provinces, government, people of Canada, laws and human rights that are practiced.


Canada is a big country, area wise the second largest country of the world. Canada beholds the breathtaking natural beauty as well as charming towns all over the land. Let’s get familiar with the basics of Canada.

Land: Canada is covered with three sides of ocean, on its north, west and east. Arctic Ocean on its north side, Pacific Ocean on its east and Atlantic Ocean on its west. South of Canada border is the United States. Canada is famous for its mountain areas, wide national parks, frozen grounds, deep forests, number of lakes and rivers as well as the flat grasslands.

Climate: Canada has four seasons all together. Winter, spring, summer and autumn. As Canada covers vast area, so the climatic conditions depends which part of the country you are living in. spring and Autumn seasons are perfect to roam around the country and enjoy. Whereas, summers are hot but beautiful. Winter varies region wise. In some regions winters are snowy and cold enough while in some regions winters are found to be mild. You just need to be updated with the weather information of your region and it will become easy to learn and plan for your stay.

Time zones in Canada: Canada, because it’s a large country hence it varies in its time zones. Canada does not have single time zone but has 6 time zones spread. The difference of time from each coast is of 4.5 hours. The 6 time zones of Canada are: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic and New Foundland.

National holidays:  Canada celebrates national holiday which is fixed by the law and is practiced nationwide. These holidays are paid days off, it includes: New Years Day, Good Friday, Canada day, Labour Day as well as Christmas day.

Working hours: working hours are based on the province, territory or city in which a person is working. Also the working hours depends on the work that is being done. For example doctors, lawyers and other professionals generally work from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening, for five days a week. Saturdays and Sundays they prefer leaves.

In towns or smaller cities groceries and clothing shops usually open at 9 or approximately 10 in the morning and closes by 6 in the evening, six days a week. They prefer shorter hours on Sundays or many of them keep an off. In the big cities of Canada, where life is fast markets are found open for larger hours. The grocery shops, malls, or chemists are open late nights till 11 or so. Restaurants and bars sets their own working hours preferably.

Appreciation to workers or labour:  The service providers, or the workers and labours are appreciated and awarded by giving tips for the work done by them. Canadians provides tips to the workers such as to taxi drivers, bartenders, hairdressers, waiters etc, for the service they provide. This tip is not included in the bill amount received.

Generally the tip amount figures the 10 to 20 percent of the total amount in the bill. Not always, but sometimes it’s good to pay them tip and for that you have to know when it will be good to pay. Professionals do not receive any tip nor are any tips given to the government officials.

Alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption is legal in Canada and right age when you can consume alcohol is 18-19 years, depending on the province you are living in. Government also run store of alcohol in Canada, you can find some private stores as well. Beer and wine can also be purchased from the local grocery stores near you.  But drinking and driving is illegal in Canada as well. You are not allowed to consume alcohol and drive any vehicle, it could lead to a high pay back.

Driving: As it is already mentioned that drink and drive is illegal in Canada, know more about the driving rules in Canada. Driving without a license as well is not allowed. You have to own a driving license before getting on the driver’s seat.

If your stay period is of less than three months than a valid license from your own country will work. But, if you are staying more than three months in Canada, than be sure you hold an International Driving Permit from your own country. Other, you may also apply for a Canadian driving license, which could be issued from the province or territory you staying in and is valid to drive anywhere in Canada.

Canadian government: The Canadian government is divided into three levels, federal government which is headed by the Prime minister whoever will be active in Ottawa and deals with all the national and international matters, provincial or territorial government works for particular province or territory and works for the welfare of the same. They only can manage and change the laws regarding their education system, health care or road rules and regulations of each province or territory. Provincial and territorial government is lead by the head of particular province and the territory.  Municipal or city government is run by the magistrate, they are in charge of the happenings all around their city, such as the problems related to local parks, parking, public transport etc.

Law: Canadian law is divided in two sects, public law and private law. Public law is said to deal with relationships of people and the society. They play main roles in looking after the criminal, constitutional and administrative law. Whereas, private law deals with the relationships of the people with the people, means among people. Private law is also termed as civil law, which plays the role in looking after the contracts, property issues, rights and duties of families, damages caused to the people by other people or damage to the property by someone.

Canadian people: The main population of Canada includes three groups of people in Canada; the Aboriginal people, French Canadians and English Canadians. The Aboriginals are those who are the original Canadians, who had their ancestors in Canada only. Other, the French Canadians are those who are ancestors of the French people who migrated to Canada and settled there 400 years ago and then had their families. The English Canadians are the generation of English, Scottish and Irish people. The English people were the migrants and soldiers who settled in Canada around 17 to 20 century.

Canadian symbols: There are few important symbols used in Canada and those express their nationality with special meaning of each. I would mention few symbols without much detail in this article. The symbols that you can find holding an important place are:

  • The Canadian Crown: It’s been the symbol for over 400 years and more. This crown is the symbol of government.
  • The Canadian Flags: The Canadian flag have two colors, red and white; these colors are the recognition of France and England. Though each province and territory have their own flag.
  • The Maple Leaf: This was adopted by the French citizens in Canada and is considered as a well known Canadian symbol.
  • Fleur de lys: this is the symbol adopted by the French king and is considered to show the royalty. It is the lily flower symbol, which was also adopted in the Canadian Red Ensign.
  • Coat of arms and a national motto:  Canada adopted a coat of arm and a national motto “A Mari Usque Ad Mare” which means “from sea to sea”. This was adopted as the pride after the world war first.
  • Canadian sports: Hockey is very popular among Canadians and it is considered the national winter sport of Canada. Ice hockey is very common among the citizens. After hockey, football is the second most popular sport of Canada. Football was introduced by Scottish.
  • Canadian languages: Canada has two most important languages, English and French, these are also considered as the official language of Canada. Even to be a Canadian citizen it is mandatory for you to know both or either of the language.
  • National anthem of Canada: Canada has its national anthem which was proclaimed in 1980. It is in both the language English and French. Canada also has a royal anthem, which is sung for the queen or king of Canada to give them honour.

This was something that you must have knowledge of, before you migrate to Canada. But keep an eye and follow me for more details of Canada. I would also be updating the procedure to claim your PR or citizenship for Canada. Follow me and keep on supporting as well.

Ms. Nikhat

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