How is the Canadian lifestyle

Canadian lifestyle

Canada, a country in North America. Which is considered as a second largest country of the world and also has ranked high due to its best lifestyle over the world. It is a French speaking country and also English is recognized as its official language, other than French. 

Canada lifestyle

The land of Canada is covered with large number of forests and national parks, along with the mountains, the rivers and lakes. The natural habitat of Canada makes the country beautiful. You could really have a good experience if you are at Canada. The boat rides through Niagara falls, hiking to explore the nearby cities, the scenic icefields, skiing, mountain biking, golf, the visit to beautiful eye-catching parks, are few of the activities which could help you to be involved in fun during your stay.

Population of Canada:

Canada is a country build up with its 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada is also ranked among the best places for higher education. Canada is low populated country compared to its area covered.

population of Canada

There is a population of about 36.7 million. Descendents of the French, British colonists as well from southern Europe are in majority of number. Now we can find approx 260 different origins across Canada. The immigrants from Africa, Asia and Caribbean are at increase in number. The original population, which was the first who were in Canada, was ‘aboriginals’.

Provinces in Canada

Canada provinces

Canada is a large country, you will not find states there, but there you may find territories and provinces. There are three territories in Canada: a) Northwest Territories, b) Nunavut, c) Yukon, and ten provinces are: 1) Alberta, 2) British Columbia, 3) Manitoba, 4) New Brunswick, 5) Newfoundland and Labrador, 6) Nova Scotia, 7) Ontario, 8) Prince Edward Island, 9) Quebec, 10) Saskatchewan. These provinces and territories further behold cities, villages and towns in which the Canadian population lives in. Territories in Canada only have one city each, which are their capital cities. Whereas, there are more than one city in each province.

Languages in Canada:

French and English are the official languages of Canada, which are declared official languages by ‘The Official Language Act’. It helps in promoting and supporting the linguistic minorities’ community. Canadian federal institution offers bilingual services and also reflects equality among two different languages.


Due to the increase in immigration rate, Canada is becoming multicultural country, also people speaking their mother tongue is common. Few other languages that are included in daily lifestyle by the immigrants’ are- Punjabi, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese.

  Values of Canada:

The large country of Canada consists of immigrants of about 260 different origins from overall the world. The country varies in kinds of people, the landscapes and its climate, because of which the Canadian lifestyle is different from that of the other Canadian. Canadians practice different religions, they share important values as pride, they believe in equality even in diversity, and also have respect for each individual. Canada is immigrant friendly and embraces everyone who wants to settle down in the country. Canada is the safest and secure place to live in. It is a peace loving country. Canada is rich in culture and a value, one of the cities in Canada is titled as ‘the happiest city’ of world, which is Kingston.

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Climatic conditions of Canada:

climate in Canada

Canada is generally considered a cold country with snow, but the fact is that there are diverse climates in Canada which depends on its landscape. For example the summer season, in summers it could be hot and dry in the prairies area, central Canada could face humid in summer season whereas, there could be mild summers experience on the coasts. The orange and red leaves get brightened all over the Canada in autumns. How cold is the winter, depends on snow, the southern part of Alberta also experience ‘chinook’, in winters, which is a warm and dry wind comes through the Rocky Mountains. Winters are also mild and wet at coasts. In winters Canadians stay warm in there heated houses, some of the cities also use heated walkways which helps to travel nearby places, like to schools and markets from buildings.

People in Canada:

people in Canada

People in Canada can be classified under four groups: A) Aboriginal people– those whose families belong to Canada even before the Europeans arrived. B) French Canadians– those who arrived and settled from France, the descendents of the French are French Canadians. C) English Canadians– those who are the descendents of English, Scottish and Irish people, those migrated to Canada and settled from there. D) Newcomers– the immigrants, the Canadians who were born outside Canada but now are the citizens of Canada.

Immigrants in Canada:

immigrants in Canada

The immigrants are rapidly increasing in Canada. The highest increasing rate of immigrants is seen in Ontario and the lowest in Nunavut according to the statistics of 2019. Total number of immigrants in 2019 is 313580, from which 160014 are female candidates and 153566 are male immigrant candidates.  Below is the table provided showing the number of immigrants from high to low in each province and territory:

Province and TerritoryNumber of immigrants in 2019
British Columbia43151
Nova Scotia6393
New Brunswick5076
Prince Edward Island2267
Newfoundland and Labrador1651
Northwest Territories227

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Education in Canada:

Education in Canada

The educational system is managed by the local governments of each province. The schooling system is divided in three levels- primary schooling, secondary schooling and the post secondary schooling. All the provinces follow almost same rules and regulations for their educational system. There lies minor difference in one or two province educational system. For example, attending school until the age of 16 is compulsory for all the students in all the provinces apart Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. In these three provinces, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick the age mentioned is not 16 but 18. Admissions in Kindergarten is available for children of four years in Ontario and Quebec, but at the age of five in all the other provinces.

Canada has a peaceful and friendly environment. The people from all over the world give first preference to Canada for their immigration. Canada as accepting lakh of immigrants each year is providing with better life and opportunities to the people.

There is much to explore about Canada, its beauty and land, the people and food, education and services. The second largest country of the world holds different opportunities for everyone. Know more and follow us. Lot more topics to be covered with detail. Do you have any suggestion or question? Then  please feel free to write us.






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